How to Mount RevPi Modules on a DIN Rail

RevPi modules have been developed for use in control cabinets or housings. The following has to be heeded for use in an industrial environment:

  • The type of protection and protection class of the control cabinet has to meet the standards stipulated for the particular purpose.
  • To mount in a control cabinet, a 35 x 7.5 mm DIN rail (EN50022) is required).
  1. Mount the DIN rail horizontally in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions in the control cabinet. Only horizontal mounting ensures that air can flow upwards through the RevPi module and cool the electronics (chimney effect).
  2. Make sure your module is far enough away from other devices.
Hutschienenmontage Revolution Pi Schaubild
Installation distances using RevPi Core/RevPi DIO as an example. These distances are also valid for all RevolutionPi modules.


These minimum gaps are recommended to ensure there is sufficient airflow when Revolution Pi modules are mounted on a DIN rail
  • Hold the RevPi module’s raster element on the DIN rail.
  • Press together the locking devices towards the RevPi module.
  • Make sure the RevPi module is sitting firmly on the DIN rail.
Your module can be damaged by too high a temperature.
  1. Take care that the surrounding temperature in the control cabinet is lower than 55 °C.
  2. Keep the air vents on the top and bottom of the plastic housing free. They must not be obstructed by cables etc.
  3. Keep sufficiently away from other devices.
  4. When ordering the RevPi modules, take care if possible not to mount all the modules with a strong input power directly next to each other. Therefore, a DO module having a 500 mA load on all 16 outputs should not be mounted next to the RevPi Connect if the surrounding temperature is to cover the full range to 55 °C.