How to Activate and Deactivate RevPi Services

Installed on RevPi Core are some services and drivers that are started when booted and then need storage space (RAM) and computing time. Depending on the purpose of the RevPi Core, you may not need the services. They can be deactivated if necessary.

The services are:

Service Function
piControl Drivers that transfer the files of I/O modules (e.g. RevPi DIO) and PiGate modules to process image
If these modules are not connected then the drivers can be deactivated.
apache2 Webserver is needed for configuring I/O modules or customer-specific websites.
If the I/O however no longer has to be modified and if there are no customer-specific websites, then it can be deactivated.
ntp Fetches the time from a server in the internet.
Should the RevPi not have internet access then it can be deactivated. It is however not that necessary as the service only needs very little computing time.
ssh Allows logging in on RevPi using ssh.
This service needs little performance but the risk of being hacked is reduced if it is deactivated.
logiCAD3 Runtime environment for SoftSPS LogiCAD3. Can be deactivated if one doesn’t use it. Automatic opening of a SSH Tunnel so that the webserver can be reached from internet.
The use of this service requires registration at


How the service is deactivated and reactivated is shown here using the example of logiCAD3:

Function Command Jessie/Stretch Command Wheezy
Deactivate sudo systemctl stop logi-rts
sudo systemctl disable logi-rts
sudo service logiCAD3 stop
sudo update-rc.d logiCAD3 remove
Activate sudo systemctl start logi-rts
sudo systemctl enable logi-rts
sudo service logiCAD3 start
sudo update-rc.d logiCAD3 defaults