PROCON-WEB IoT provides you with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) for your Revolution Pi system. An HMI enables you to conveniently access and monitor the work processes of your RevPi Connect.

The HMI is browser-based. This allows you to access the data of your RevPi system on the go.

PROCON-WEB IoT consists of two components that can be purchased separately:

  • PROCON-WEB IoT Runtime is installed on your RevPi Connect. It ensures that your HMI runs on the RevPi Connect and is displayed on different devices via browser. You need one runtime license per RevPi Connect.
  • PROCON-WEB IoT Designer is used to create HMI projects. The PROCON-WEB IoT Designer is installed on your Windows PC. The license is independent of the number of RevPi connect on which the HMI interface runs. The number of licenses required depends on the number of workstations on which the designer is to run