Classes and Instances (Core)

When you work with PROCON WEB IoT, you come across the terms “class” and “instance”. But what is it and what do you have to consider when creating a class or instance with PROCON WEB IoT?

The terms “class” and “instance” originate from object-oriented programming. Classes are created here, in which there are instances that have certain properties in common. The class specifies these properties.

If we had a class of “sports cars”, it could have the following characteristics, for example:

  • 4 wheels
  • steering wheel
  • chassis
  • engine

For this example, we could create the instance “DeLorean DMC-12” here. This instance must have the same characteristics as the class (i.e. 4 wheels, steering wheel, chassis, engine…). The instance must also have other properties that identify it as a unique object. In this example the following could be:

  • year of manufacture: 1982
  • 2.8 litre petrol engine
  • 6 cylinders
  • wheelbase: 2413 mm
  • empty weight: 1350 kg
  • 5-speed manual gearbox

You don’t have to create sports cars in PROCON WEB IoT Designer. The principle is also excellently suited for operating elements.