Connecting the power supply

An X4 plug has been supplied to connect your RevPi Core, DIO, DI, DO or GATE modules to a power supply. Also needed are:

  • Power supply unit
    For RevPi Core, it should have at least 11 W. For DIO, DI, DO and GATE models, 1.5 W is sufficient respectively when connected to X4, plus however the power input from actuators connected via the DIO or DO outlets (max 12 W per connection) which are supplied via X2.
  • Cable (thickness 0,35- max. 2,5 mm2)
  • Use of end sleeves suitable for stranded wire to cable

Connect the functional earth to ground. This is essential so that the energy from disturbing pulses can be diverted causing no interference or defects to the module.

When several modules are in use, we also recommend that the respective functional earth connections are led separately and via single cables to a central ground point.

DIO, DI and DO modules have an additional plug (X2) for power supply. As these modules have galvanically separate inputs and outputs, they can be operated via an independent 12-14 V power supply. In doing so, the same power supply (to be more exact, the same ground potential) should, if possible, be used as the one supplying the connected sensors or actuators. This can naturally also be the power supply connected to an X4.


 X4 plug

Pin Configuration  
1 24 V supply to power the modules  spannungsversorgung
2 Ground
3 Don’t connect!
4 Functional earth

X2 plug (only for DI)

Pin Configuration  
1 24 V supply for the inputs  spannungsversorgung
2 Ground for the inputs
3 Don’t connect!
4 Don’t connect!


X2 plug (only for DO)

Pin Configuration  
1 Don’t connect!  spannungsversorgung
2 Don’t connect!
3 Ground for the outputs
4 24 V supply for the outputs

X2 plug (only for DIO)

Pin Configuration  
1 24 V supply for the outputs  spannungsversorgung