Configuration values for RevPi7

The configuration areas for RevPi 7 are separated into 2 areas. The first area contains the global data, the second area consists of a list for tasks.

Global data

The global data contains the following entries:

Value Description
NameNames for the 128 inputs and the 128 outputs in the process image
PLC IPIP address of the S7 controller. Please note that the IP address must correspond to one of the available address spaces.
Local TSAP2 Byte integer, 0 to 2^16
Default: 0
Remote TSAP2 Byte integer, 0 tp 2^16
Connection TypeConnection Type (Byte: PG=1, OP=2, Basic3 to Basic10 = 3 to 10)
Default: OP
PLC RackValue range: 0-7 Bytes
Default: 0
PLC SlotValue range 0-16 Bytes
Default: 2
Default values:
S7 1200: 1
S7 300: 2
S7 1500:  0
PLC TypeValue for the type of PLC. At present only the S7 can be used, with the value “0”.
Names for 32 status entriesOne input byte per task is provided for the status.
Name for connection statusOne input byte
Name for status resetOne output byte

List for tasks

The list has a maximum of 32 lines for tasks. Each row has the following columns:

Data directionRead = 0
Write = 1
Default = 0
Memory areaI = 0x81
Q = 0x82
M = 0x83
DB = 0x84
CT = 0x1C
TM 0x1D
Default = M
DB#This value is only used with the DB memory area.
uint16, 0-2^16
Default = 0
StartThis value is not used with the DB memory area.
uint16, 0-2^16
Default = 0
Number/Size1 Byte for I, Q, M and DB
2 Byte for TM, CT
uint16, 0-2^16
Default = 1
Cycle time in msValue 0 for write means transmit only when PI value changes.
Values under 100 – except 0 for write – should not be accepted.
0 – 2^16
Default = 1000
Source/Destination in PIDropdown with list of inputs from the module for read and outputs for write.
Info! There is no check to detect if areas are duplicated or overlap!