The Danish company offers with its solution easy access to machine data and thus enables companies to increase their productivity using their existing machinery. Their cloud-based solution enables companies to collect and visualise important data e.g. from production lines, palletising machines, storage facilities etc. and thus gain an immediate overview of their operations and efficiency.

Image of the Plug&Log Box for logging and analyzing machine key figures

In terms of hardware technology, uses the RevPi Core and installs it as the central processing unit in their so-called “Plug&Log Box”. has given the RevPi Core its own software image so that the setup of the device and the connection to the cloud can be carried out directly by the customer without any special previous knowledge within a very short time. Instead of connecting sensors via the RevPi extension modules, has taken a special route here and uses remote I/O extension modules from Moxa which are connected decentrally in a daisy-chain topology. The I/O modules communicate with the RevPi via the Ethernet interface using Modbus TCP.

Image of the Plug&Log Box for logging and analyzing machine key figures

The collected machine data is preprocessed by the RevPi Core and then sent to the cloud where it can be displayed on a browser-based dashboard configured according to the customer’s needs. But Real-time data visualization is just the first step in optimizing the productivity. By data monitoring the usage of components and units,`s solution helps to predict, plan and execute maintenance needs on machines. Furthermore, by registering and categorizing errors in production it helps to prevent future downtime, thereby increasing the capacity of the machines.

Further information on and retrofit use cases that have already been realised with the Plug&Log Box can be found on their website.

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