The aim of Revolution Pi has always been to be more than just a small control unit. Already during the development of our very first Revolution Pi, we always had the goal to provide a tool that enables companies to offer new sales opportunities, such as cloud services.

In 2018, the company CloudRail has decided to use our Revolution Pi Connect for its new IIoT service. With its eponymous solution, the company offers a simple way to send data from all standard IO-Link sensors to the most common clouds, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, SAP & IBM Watson, within a very short time and without programming knowledge. Not for nothing the company’s slogan is “From Sensor to Any Cloud in < 1 minute”. With its powerful 4-core processor, the device known as CloudRail.Box can pre-process or filter data before sending it to the cloud. In addition, data can be cached locally in case of temporary connection problems to the cloud.

Schematic drawing CloudRail.Box cloud connectivity

Easy adaptation thanks to open source

Due to the customer’s requirements, it soon became clear that only the RevPi Connect, with its two separate network interfaces, was suitable as the basis for the customer-specific solution. These enable the IO-Link master to be connected in the OT network on the one hand and the connection to the Internet/cloud on the other. Thanks to Revolution Pi’s open source approach, CloudRail was able to create a software image tailored to its needs without any obstacles. In addition to its own image, the labeling of the device was adapted according to the customer’s wishes.  The option to produce the front cover in a different colour was not chosen, as CloudRail also uses orange as the corporate colour.

The device we`re talking about

  • CloudRail.Box Icon