How to use RevPi Core V1.2

You will find the RevPi Core V1.2 in PiCtory.
The following variables are available for this adapter in the Value Editor:

VariableUnitTypeValue rangeDescription
RevPiIOCycle*msByte 0 – 255Time required for an update of the I/O modules, rounded down (2.8 ms is rounded down to 2)
Core_Temperatur*°CByte0-120 CPU temperature
Core_Frequency*10 MHzByte50-120CPU clock frequency

As a protection against overheating, the CPU frequency is automatically reduced.

RS485ErrorCnt*CounterWord0- 65535Is incremented in case of transmission errors of the PiBridge. Will be set to 0 again as soon as a successful transmission has taken place.
RS485ErrorLimit1*CounterWord 0- 65535If >= “RS485ErrorCnt” the outputs are set to 0.
Example: 10 corresponds to approx. 20 ms if “RevPiIOCycle” = 2 and transmission errors occur continuously.
RS485ErrorLimit2*CounterWord 0- 65535If >= “RS485ErrorCnt” the piCtontrol driver is stopped.
Example: 1000 corresponds to approx. 2000 ms if “RevPiIOCycle” = 2 and transmission errors occur continuously.
RevPiStatusCodeByte 0 – 255For details see here


RevPiLEDBitfeldByte 0 – 255For details see here


*new added since Jessie Image