Why can’t I log in after changing my RevPi Gates password?

    Some RevPi Gate modules (e. g. the RevPi Gate Modbus TCP) have a built-in web server for configuration via PC or laptop. For example, the IP address or DHCP can be set for the Modbus TCP Gateway. To get to this configuration you have to use login with the user “Admin” (attention: username is case-sensitive!) and the default password “1701”. To protect the device against unauthorized access, you should configure a new password.

    If you use more than 8 characters, only the first 8 characters are saved (blank characters in the password cause a complete access block, which can only be removed by us)!
    You will only be able to enter the configuration mask the next time you log in by entering the first 8 characters of the password!
    Unfortunately, the input mask does not indicate this fact, so that misunderstandings can arise. We will therefore improve the password input during the next firmware update of the gateways.